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Artist Statement

Estela Monjo    Sculptor, Teacher,  Facilitator         

With a sense of gratitude, prayer, and a sense of wonder, I offer to you a unique experience sharing my art through the virtual galleries of Galeria Mariposa.

My wish is that the art I show at Galeria Mariposa and art shows across the counrty, the classes and workshops I facilitate and teach, touches a place in your soul that desires to be reawakened, remembered and expressed. We are all artists and must say "yes" to the expression of our souls. It is important and an honor to share our "internal treasures".

The images I create in clay come from a wellspring of love, deep within my heart and soul, a source that wants to be expressed and manifested. Some pieces come from moments of supplication and some from epiphanies.

I sculpt because I must! It is rooted deep within me. I believe sculpting comes from the same place that the poets create from when they write. So many times after I have read a poem, my heart rejoices from feeling one with the words, one with expression of the soul of the poet that finds the universal soul that wants to be born. The sculptor, painter, poet, dancer, musician and all who create, bring forth from deep within themselves what wants to be born. For me, the birth of a sculpture from within the clay is a form of prayer.

A turning point expanding my creative process was gifted to me when I observed an older woman looking at one of my sculptures, a portrait of a Native American elder. The woman viewing my piece had tears rolling down her cheeks. With some hesitation, I asked her to share her feelings. She said "This woman is giving me so much compassion and love, and I can not contain it." I had created this piece while embracing my feelings of wholeness when every side of you is acknowledged and honored. Her reaction was an affirmation that as I explore and expose my art to others, I am able to touch deep places within one's soul.

A piece I sculpted and named "Mary" occupies a special place in a friend's home. She says, "I remember the first time I saw Estela's statue. My special needs daughter stopped in front of "Mary" and was brought to silence. I asked her what she was thinking about. She told me that looking at the sculpture made her feel so peaceful. That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with our lady, Mary. She holds a special place in our home, with her head tilted down, an understanding smile, and her hand on her heart. No matter what life's moments present themselves, from joy to sorrow, and laughter to contentment, her abiding peace is always with us."

I am blessed that I have been able to travel extensively and had the opportunity to connect and share my soul with all kinds of artists. In particular my adventures in Bali have influenced my life and my art. Everywhere I turned in Bali I was exposed to different kinds of artistic expression. The Creative Spirit was expressed in wood and stone carvings, clay statues, textiles, music, dance, exotic jewelry, and bright colored paintings, all as a form of  of prayer connecting to the Divine.

In addition to showing my work through Galeria Mariposa, I display at jurored and open art shows across the country. Many of my sculptures are on display in the gardens of Windrise, my retreat center located in Metamora, Michigan . Please visit our website  http://www.windrise.com/.

Estela Monjo
  • TCHm Birmingham Community House: Our Town show, Birmingham MI. 2016

  • MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), Armada MI 2016

  • Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors: "Femmes Detroit" show. Grosse Pointe Arts Center 2015

  • Sculpture Guild of Michigan, 194 Gallery. Lapeer MI 2015

  • Padzieski Gallery; The Artists Among Us. Awarded Best of Show. Dearborn MI 2015

  • TCH, Birmingham Community House: Our Town show. Birmingham MI. 2015

  • Northville Art House: 7th Annual West of Center Show. Northville, MI 2015

  • Solo show: The Many Faces of God, Oakland County Executive Offices, Waterford MI 2015

  • Detroit Institute of Art Museum: Ofrenda Exhibit. Detroit, MI. 2014

  • Park West Gallery: Michigan Top Artist Finalists show. Southfield, MI. 2014

  • Detroit Historical Museum: Detroit MI. 2014

  • TCH, Birmingham Community House: Our Town show, Birmingham MI. 2014

  • Detroit Contemporary Gallery: Detroit MI, 2014

  • Anton Gallery: Mount Clemens MI. 2014

  • Global Art Peace Project: International art exchange, 2014

  • Dancing Dog Gallery: Ann Arbor MI. 2014

  • Pontiac Creative Art Center: Pontiac MI. 2014

  • Detroit Artist Market Gallery: Detroit MI. 2014

  • Grosse Pointe Art Center; Grosse Pointe MI. 2014

  • The Alfred Berkowitz Gallery, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Dearborn MI. 2014

  • “Emerging”, a one woman show. The Society for Fine Arts of Detroit, at The Players Club, Detroit MI. 2013

  • SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery; New York, NY. 2013

  • Padzieski Art Gallery; Wayne County Council for the Arts, History and Humanities at, Henry Ford Center. Best of Show Award. Dearborn MI. 2013

  • The Scarab Club; Detroit MI. 2013

  • Lincoln Park Art Walk with Detroit Institute of Art; Lincoln Park, MI. 2013

  • Grosse Pointe Art Center; Grosse Pointe City, MI. 2013

  • Merge Gallery; Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors, Oxford, MI. 2013

  • Grosse Pointe Art Center; 75th Members’ Show. Received Dombrowski Award. Grosse Pointe City, MI. 2013

  • Pontiac Creative Art Center, ; “Hispanic Artists” show. Pontiac, MI. 2013

  • Grosse Pointe Arts Center; Grosse Pointe MI, 2013

  • 555 Gallery; Detroit MI. 2013

  • Pontiac Creative Art Center; Pontiac, MI, 2012

  • Galeria Mariposa; gallery owner and resident artist. Works on display. Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. 2010 through 2012

  • The Society for Fine Arts of Detroit, at Players Club; One woman show “The Solar Feminine”. Detroit, MI. 2011

  • Padzieski Art Gallery; The Detroit Society of Women Painters & Sculptors, Dearborn MI. 2011

  • Windrise Retreat Center; One woman show, Metamora, MI. 2011

  • Grosse Pointe Art Center; Grosse Pointe City, MI. 2011

  • The Valade Center; The Detroit Society of Women Painters & Sculptors show, Detroit MI. 2011

  • Grosse Pointe Art Center; . Honorable Mention award. Grosse Pointe City, MI. 2010

  • Grosse Pointe Arts Center; Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, 2009

  • Shoreham Gardens; Personal collection show, Grosse Pointe, Woods, MI. 2006

  • Zeus Gallery; “All Women Show”, Chicago, IL. 2002

Galeria Mariposa: 
My sculpting studio and Galeria Mariposa is located on the grounds of Windrise Retreat Center where I host other
         sculptors and teach students. Visit my virtual gallery at www.galeriamariposa.net to view my portfolios.  
Windrise Retreat Center: 
I founded Windrise Retreat Center in 1993 as a place for art and spiritualty to flourish. The center is
         located on a 140 acre estate in Metamora MI with a secluded woodland setting offering  trails and river vistas. Windrise
         hosts retreats that support women empowerment, spiritual growth and artistic expression. The Windrise grounds and gardens
         are also a setting for my sculpture exhibitions as shown on  www.windrise.com.  
Masters in Education from Escolapias College,
         Córdoba, Argentina
         of Creative studies, Detroit MI.
         Institute for Spiritual Formation 1996 to 2002  
The Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors
Women’s’ Caucus of the Arts
Michigan Sculptor's Guild 
International Biennale Artist
Fine Arts Society of Detroit  
Estela Monjo 
3630 Thornville RD, Metamora MI 48455
Cell: 313-407- 0953   
E-mail: windrise125@gmail.com

Phone: (313) 407-0953   E-mail: windrise125@gmail.com 
Metamora and Saint Clair Shores, MI